Apr 01 2024


10:30 - 18:00

Archaeological Site

Guided tour of the archaeological ruins within the castle’s walls, showing evidence of three significant periods in the history of Lisbon: the first known settlements dating back to the 7th century B.C.; the remnants of the Moorish era residential area, from the 11th century; and the ruins of the last palatine residence – the Palace of Condes de Santiago – destroyed by the earthquake of 1755.

Guided Tours

October to March- 10h30 | 11h30 | 12h30 | 14h00 | 15h00 | 16h00 | 17h00

April to September- 10h30 | 11h30 | 12h30 | 14h00 | 15h00 | 16h00 | 17h00 | 18h00

Included in the Castle Ticket | Various languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian)
By order of arrival | maximum 25 participants per visit
Availability of tours and respective languages must be confirmed on the day