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Information obtained may be used in the following ways:

- To provide you with information about new activities, services or products;
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In accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal information, your personal information will not be made available to third parties in any form, save for the webmaster of the Castelo de S. George website and for the purposes described above.

Law no. 67/1998, of 26 October
Law for protection of personal data (transposing into Portuguese law European Parliament and Council Directive 1995/46/EC of 24 October, concerning the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data).

Law no. 41/2004, of 18 August
Law for protection and privacy of personal data in the electronic communications sector (transposing into national law European Parliament and Council Directive 2002/58/EC of 12 July, concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector).

Users can access their data online or via written request to verify its accuracy and if necessary make corrections. To do so, please use the option available on-line or contact

Your personal information is stored in secure networks accessible to only a limited number of persons with special access rights who undertake to respect and maintain the confidential nature of such information. However, whenever you provide information on the Internet there is always the risk that it may be intercepted and used by others outside our control. In this sense, although every effort is made to protect your personal information and privacy, we can not guarantee total security of information available on the Internet. It should be noted that currently no Internet transmission is ever completely secure or safe from errors, especially when using electronic mail.

The Castelo de S. Jorge website uses cookies. The use of this technology helps us collect and analyze visitor statistics to determine the usefulness and interest of our site and customize the information presented to you based on your browsing preferences. The cookies used respect anonymity and are not used for the purpose of collecting personal information. In fact, this information will not be connected to personal data requested on other areas of the site.

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