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Conservation and restoration

© Castelo de São Jorge

The team of conservators and restorers at Castelo de S. Jorge monitors this national monument on a daily basis and is essential for the preservation of its cultural (architectural, archaeological and museological) and natural heritage.

How do you restore a wall at the Castelo de São Jorge?

As the organisation which manages this national monument, EGEAC/Castelo de S. Jorge carries out a range of tasks (investigation, diagnosis, implementation projects and building works) with the aim of understanding, characterising, restoring and preserving the vast heritage of the Castelo de S. Jorge. Between 2020 and 2022, we were aware of the deterioration of the central tower on the Castle’s western façade.

Restoration work got underway in March 2022 and was completed in October.

These were time-consuming processes as they required the disinfection of vegetation and microbiological colonisation, carrying out surveys of the pathologies, the treatment and repair of joints, cracks and fractures and structural reinforcement through the injection of mortar.

We will bring you news of any measures we take to ensure we pass the castle on to future generations in a good state of repair!