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Other Collections


The castle’s artillery collection consists of fourteen original pieces and a replica, dating from between the 17th and 19th centuries. The collection comprises pieces made from different metal alloys which are scattered around the castle grounds, but found in greater number in the area near the castle viewpoint.

Of the artillery collection, the oldest piece, from the 17th century, stands out. This original piece in bronze was cast in Goa, India, by Pero Dias Bocarro. Who was foundry master in Portuguese India between 1588 and 1645, after which time he was replaced by his son Manuel de Bocarro. Only one other piece made by this founder exists in Portugal and is housed in the Lisbon Military Museum. 

The replica (a field cannon) is an iron artillery piece with a breechloader mounted on a medieval support from the 15th century . This medium-calibre piece could be transported and placed on various types of support, be they siege, field or naval.

The collection has been the subject of research regarding its origin, route to and arrival at castle. The iron alloys display a more accentuated state of corrosion than the bronze alloys, which makes it impossible to read the inscriptions on the surface of some of the pieces. 

Systematic monitoring has been essential to assess their degree of degradation, as well as allowing us to study and safeguard them.

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