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The Castelo de São Jorge Educational Service is responsible for promoting the national monument, while taking into account different age groups, diverse geographical backgrounds and the fact that 96% of visitors do not speak Portuguese.

The underlying objective of our educational activities is to develop a broad historical and spatial awareness of the monument, using the multiple types of heritage that characterise it (architectural, archaeological, landscape and immaterial), alongside the various and diverse interpretations and dialogues that can arise from our very heterogeneous visitors.

The top of the hill where the Castle stands is a privileged spot, which has witnessed successive human occupations from the Iron Age to the present day. Covering about four hectares, the site is representative of the evolution of the city of Lisbon and the country, the most significant events in Portuguese history and its relationship with the world.

The educational programme provided for the general public has been developed to focus on the connections between the school curricula, the major topics of today and the multiple facets of the castle’s material and immaterial heritage.

This national monument is a privileged place for the type of encounters and reflections that are so important in this globalising age of cultural diversity. Fittingly, the history of the castle itself was and continues to be built on multiple cultures, religions and nationalities.