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The Stories from the Castle’s History project is a joint initiative of Castelo de São Jorge and Escola EB1do
Castelo, which aims to promote creativity, produce collective stories,
develop vocabulary and writing and, at the same time, explore the history of Portugal with a Year 2 class.

The project arises from the desire to deepen and enhance the direct contact between students and the monument, making it a space for continuous learning, alongside the classroom.

This multidisciplinary initiative focuses on the contents of the curriculum that can be complemented and conveyed through cultural and heritage mediation.

It is through careful monitoring of students’ progress and joint planning between the two institutions that the pedagogical plan is drawn up, exploring the content of different subject curriculums in the light of the heritage assets (buildings, nature and history) of Castelo de São Jorge.

This project includes all subjects taught, values of citizenship, as well as stories about the castle. It is told by the students who follow the project’s development through the creation of a book, entitled “Stories from the Castle’s History”.


Dancing on the Battlements is a Castelo de São Jorge project created in preparation for the Art and Education Biennial 2023. . It is defined as a multidisciplinary continuity and joint action project between Castelo de São Jorge, Escola Superior de Dança and Escola da Voz do Operário.

Its main objective is to develop and strengthen links between heritage education, artistic creativity and curricular skills amongst undergraduate dance students and a 1st Cycle class.

Although it identifies itself as a team project aimed at different subjects, each will share and define its main priorities: artistic enjoyment; curriculum development; the creation of a feeling of belonging towards the monument; the development of professional skills among the students of the Escola Superior de Dança; engagement with and awareness of the safeguarding of heritage and the development of a broad, free and creative perspective.

It is called Dancing on the Battlements because Heritage, Arts and Education are areas that complement and enrich each other, and will find a space for sharing in this project.


DESCOLA is a project by the municipality of Lisbon focusing on the relationship between culture and education. It is aimed at schools and involves municipal cultural agents, including museums, theatres, archives and libraries. It promotes the educational role of the city’s cultural and artistic heritage, ensuring it reaches all of us, throughout our lifetimes, as a source of inspiration and fosters a sense of belonging.

The activities organised by DESCOLA are guided by the 21st century Learner Profile and Sustainable Development Goals and use the cultural and artistic heritage of Lisbon as a source of research, of questioning and creativity. The project follows four guiding principles:

  1. Promoting meaningful experiences based on Lisbon’s cultural heritage;
  2. Fostering the relationship between schools and cultural facilities;
  3. Giving a voice and responsibility to learners;
  4. Feeding learning ecosystems.

Castelo de São Jorge is an integral part of the DESCOLA project, which organises educational activities in line with its objectives.


School Passport is a Lisbon Municipal Council project aimed at Pre-School and Basic Education students in the state system. It aims to promote: non-formal education, a wide-ranging and diverse educational experience and the creation of aware and informed citizens. Focusing on four areas (scientific and environmental education, sports education, cultural education and civic education), the programme aims to deepen learners’ knowledge through field trips. On each trip, the learner presents his/her School Passport which is stamped, indicating the place visited. Upon completing the 1st cycle and pre-school learning cycle, the learner should have a record of his/her journey in non-formal education in Lisbon.

Schools can participate in this programme free of charge and the transport of children and teachers is provided by the Lisbon Municipal Council.

Castelo de São Jorge is an integral part of the project that organises the activities included in this programme:

  • Exploring shapes and features – What is a castle? (Pre-school)
  • Walls, battlements and turrets: A Castle to Discover (1st Cycle)
  • Through History I will…find out who I am! (2nd Cycle)
  • Lisbon’s Casbah: Culture and daily life in the Al-Andalus (3rd Cycle)