Descrição da imagem: fotografia das muralhas do Castelo à noite onde vemos, à direita, um candeeiro que ilumina um morcego que sobrevoa o Castelo.


Jun 20 2023


20:30 - 22:30

Bats in the Castle

Accompanied by biologists from Biota and with the help of an ultrasound detector, take part in a night-time visit to the Castle of São Jorge to discover, observe and identify the various species of bats that live here, such as the lesser horseshoe bat, the common pipistrelle, the soprano pipistrelle, the gray long-eared bat, the common bent-wing bat or the European free-tailed bat. Understand the extraordinary importance that bats play in the functioning of ecosystems, demystifying myths and legends that still surround them today in an aura of mystery.

Guided tour for families
3, 10, 20 and 24 of June
8.30pm | Age 5+ | Length 2h
Adult ticket €10 | Ticket < 18 years €5<
booking required | +351 218 800 620 |