Descrição da imagem: fotografia captada durante o percurso da visita onde vemos o técnico de serviço educativo, de costas, a entrar no Postigo Marquês do Lavradio.


Mar 28 2023


15:00 - 17:00

Discovering the City Walls – A Castle, an alcáçova, a city

On National Historical Centre Day, the castle proposes a tour around the historical city centre of Lisbon.
São Jorge Castle is the most visible face of Lisbon’s old medieval defenses. Scattered around the historic centre, you can still see some of the old gates, sections of the wall and even towers!
In this tour, we will embark on a journey through the city and discover a little more of medieval Lisbon.

Guided tour
March 28th – National Historical Centre Day – Tuesday
3 pm | Age 12+ | Length 2h
+ €4 per person
*We recommend comfortable foot wear because the tour is 2km long.

Booking required (Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm)
+351 218 800 620 (every day)