Descrição da imagem: estátua de São Jorge a cavalo a combater um dragão. Igreja de Marecos, Museu de Penafiel.


Jun 30 2023 - Aug 31 2023


9:00 - 21:00

Saint George. Cult in Portugal

On the 30th of June, the Castelo de São Jorge inaugurates, in Sala Ogival, at 6 pm, the exhibition Saint George. Cult in Portugal. This is the first exhibition dedicated to its patron saint, which takes us on a journey through time and through the different iconographies of the saint: as a martyr, warrior, protector, and healer of all ills.

Paulo Alexandrino captures, in his photographs, some of the oldest sculptural testimonies that exist in Portuguese territory.

Maria Antónia Amaral and Fernanda Alves reveal the stories behind the images.

Saint George. Cult in Portugal.
June 30th – August 30th
Ogival Room | São Jorge Castle Ticket