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Tourism Professionals

The price list for Castelo de São Jorge does not include a reduction for tour operators.

The free entry of the guide is guaranteed upon presentation of a document proving registration with the RNAAT and, in the case of a person other than the one included in the registration, a statement from the company containing the identification of the professional performing the guided tour functions complemented with a civil identification document.

(Pursuant to paragraphs 6 and 7 of article 5 of Decree-Law No. 108/2009, amended by Article 2 of Decree-Law No. 95/2013 – Diário da República No. 138/2013, Series I of 2013-07-19, in effective from 2013-08-03.)

The NIF of the company or of the duly accredited professional must also be presented.

Regarding the advance payment, it can be requested through the email and the data to proceed with the bank transfer will be sent. 

For advance payments, we charge €15 per person. 

We do not send pro-forma invoices or refund money or issue credit notes.

We ask you to send the bank receipt, not just an electronic transfer notification, after making the payment. We only issue tickets after sending this proof. 

Payment must be made one week in advance of the date for which you intend to purchase the tickets (we do not recommend paying in greater advance).

If you want an invoice, you must send us your details (Entity Name + NIF + Date and Time + number of people), which will then be sent in the same way after issuing the tickets. 

Priority service
The guides in office have priority, they can go directly to the priority box to purchase tickets.
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