Mar 17 2024


10:00 - 17:00

Mêlées, Jousts and Affrays

In preparation for war, both the knights and their men-at-arms and respective squires regularly participated in training to prepare for combat. Focusing on the daily training as well as in the practice for fighting in battle of the different types of men-at-arms that could be found on the battlefields of the 12th century, this demonstration focuses on the dynamics of these different activities and will try to involve the public in the martial experience of the Middle Ages. Training sequences will be demonstrated for the light soldier, knight, spearman, etc., showing how these warriors fought, both separately and as a cohesive unit, making the most of their advantages while trying to exploit their opponents’ disadvantages while avoiding the same happening to them.

Serão demonstradas sequências de treino para o soldado aligeirado, cavaleiro, lanceiro, etc., mostrando-se de seguida a maneira como estes guerreiros combatiam, separadamente e em conjunto, aproveitando as suas vantagens ao máximo enquanto tentam explorar as desvantagens dos adversários e procuram evitar que as suas sejam exploradas.

The topic of Jousting will also be addressed, both in the judicial context and in the context of training and preparation for war.

At the end of the demonstration, the public will be invited to join in as part of the peonage trying to fend off a knight or man-at-arms. You can also try training against a “estafermo”, or one of the medieval men at arms.

Mêlées, Jousts and Affrays
March 17th and April 21st | 10am – 5pm
Demonstrations at 10am, 2pm, 4pm
Age 5+ | Included in the Castle Ticket
No reservations required

The Arts of Warfare at the Castle
Mêlées, Jousts and Affrays – 17 March, 21 April
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