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Advice and Warnings

We advise you to bring comfortable and suitable shoes for walking.

The stairs in the Castle do not have uniform steps, each one has its own size, please be careful going up and down the stairs because, in addition to being steep, when it rains the floor becomes slippery.

If you visit the Castle with children, pay special attention not to approach the walls and low parapets, to avoid falling, and always accompany them up and down the stairs because the steps are not uniform and, on rainy days, the floor is slippery.

Pets are not allowed in Castelo de São Jorge. Except for guide dogs properly covered by Decree-Law n.º 118/99 published in the Diário da República n.º 87/1999, Series I-A of 1999-04-14.

Do not share your food with the peacocks. Please respect our natural heritage – keep your distance and do not feed them. Feeding peacocks unsuitable food can make them sick or even die. The chicks are very fragile, and their mothers are very protective. For everyone’s safety, please respect them.  If you want to feed the peacocks with adequate food, you can find food bags for adult and baby peacocks at the Shop